Our rooms are very spacious, clean and bright. Perhaps some of the most spacious rooms available at any nursing home facilty in Chiang Mai,. We wanted our residents to feel at home in a uncluttered, clean and relaxing environment.

Rooms are equipped with both airconditioning as well as ceiling fans for maximum resident comfort. The rooms are very breezy with large windows to let in the fresh air and great view.

Other Services

Nursing care is provided 24hrs a day by qualified nurses and nurse-aids. Hospital or doctor pescribed medication is administered according to the pescribed schedule. Residents have 3 meals a day. Special meals are availbe on request. Basic physiotherapy is provided. Laundry and cleaning services are also provided.

For a small additional fee, speicial meals, trips to the city and professional masseuses are available


Food is a very important part of our service offering. Our residents and staff get to enjoy delicious home cooked food, lovingly prepared by our skilled chefs. All our residents eat well and have a choice of special meals cooked especially for them on request.

Our cooks are skilled in preparing European, and Thai dishes as well as food for special dietary needs

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